Thursday, 2 February 2012

Things I Love Thursday - losing track of time, hand made and hand massage

Losing track of time - the battery needs replacing in the clock in the kitchen and dining area. I was about to rush to add it as a task (under 'Household') in Wunderlist when I realised it was actually having a positive effect. Rather than making me rush through things I just took as much time as they required which actually turned out to be much the same as without the clock watching. So I'm thinking I should worry less about the time I have to do things and just do them.

Hand and arm massages - I had on in my local Lush at lunchtime today and it  was awesome. I would never have believed that it could be so relaxing. I'm now planning/plotting to go to the Lush spa forth see if their massages are as awesome as the staff reckon (and I've no reason to disbelieve them!).

Hand knitted stuff - my mum knitted me a fabulous sweater dress from a 60s pattern. It's a loose knit, done on huge needles in vaguely punk green and black stripes. It's really warm, really cool and I love knowing that it was knitted just for me.

Other stuff - still loving codecademy * plans to take burlesque a step further *Ginger perfume *leftovers for dinner *getting my car washed *bus journeys *doing stuff a bit at a time

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