Monday, 6 February 2012

My weekend - the end of sobriety?

Desk with various green items on it

 The quality of this photo isn't great but I like that it has lots of green in it. Additionally my home desk is a place I spent a chunk of the weekend partly because the weather reduced outdoor activities but also because I really wanted to get up to date with the codecademy courses and projects.


This weekend was also my first after sobriety January. I really enjoyed a month of sobriety. My energy levels were consistently good and I felt cheerful. In fact I think it might have been my least blue January ever! And how was my return to the demon drink? Well Friday night I had no urge to have a drink. So I didn't. Saturday I had a glass of wine and felt sleepy so I switched to water. Who knows where things will go from here?


Other weekend fun: walking in the frozen world *buttercream icing that just keep consuming icing sugar and wouldn't set *reading The faith instinct by Nicholas Wade - the concept of religion is fascinating as is this book *facepack Friday *homemade vegan pizza with mushrooms, sweetcorn, cheese, chillies, pineapple and basil leaves *completion of 3 items on my sewing pile *that cool programme about vegetable based food on Radio 4 (plus the heads up from a friend and iPad app that allowed me to listen to it) *mushrooms, tofu and potatoes in miso gravy -mmmm! *bass practice 6 minutes a a time *the joys of long thermals as loungewear *more cupboard clear outs - anyone for some decaying swim hats?

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