Friday, 10 February 2012

The random thoughts in my head

 Isn't it just amazing the avenues your mind can wander off down?

I've been having a really busy but great time at work recently but it's very intense. So you might think that if i'm thinking about anything on my daily commute at present it would be the tasks that lie ahead each day.

It would appear my mind has other ideas. This morning I contemplated whether in Gone with the Wind There was any evidence that Rhett actually loved Scarlett. There is a tendency for the reader to think he must because Miss Melly says he does. So I found myself wondering if there was any other evidence in the text and if not why Miss Melly has such influence. Although she's considered a good person her behaviour clearly shows favouritism. I had to remind myself that it was a book and that they weren't real people.

Then my journey home was consumed with the sliding signifiers in the lyrics of Bon Jovi. What exactly is the behaviour that the girl referred to in the You give love a bad name? What is the game she is playing? The lyrics are so vague it's impossible to determine whether the offence is caused by her being a picture of virtue or by being some kind of sexual predator. 

Who knows what my mind will throw at me on Monday!

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