Thursday, 9 February 2012

Things I Love Thursday - tea, snow and optimism

  •  I've always liked a cup of tea. Best served very hot with no milk or sugar and in a decent sized mug. However it did take me by surprise on Friday night when I opted for tea instead of wine! Maybe I'm turning into a proper adult...
  • Snow - ok I don't like the uncertainty with snow (will it still be heavy in the morning? Will I be able to get to work?) but a snowfall on Saturday night was just perfect to have an excuse for a Sunday pottering around the house and getting the most out of my thermal underwear.
  • More layers - I've spent years building up a great winter wardrobe with plenty of garments suitable for layering. The mild winter thus far had mean so many garments were lingering in wardrobe because it just wasn't cold enough for them. Happily the drop in temperature of late means that I can make use of some items I really love wearing. How's that for finding the glass half full?

Other stuff - *buying vegetables from markets *sewing *vegan pizza *routine *face pack Friday *codecademy *Making plans *staying on top


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