Thursday, 20 May 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Jeans that fit – I have huge problems finding jeans that fit me. I spend hours trying on jeans in charity shops trying to find a pair that fits me. Hence I was delighted to find not one but two pairs of jeans that fitted me today. I’m so excited at the prospect of wearing them.

New stuff to read- I am awash with exciting new things to read. In the last week I have enjoyed a two Jeffry Deaver novels and a Kathy Reichs. In my pile waiting to be devoured are the new Hester Browne, a Gavin Lyall, a Cory Doctorow, a Peter James and the new Scarlett Thomas, Our Tragic Universe. I am in book heaven.

Vegan doughnuts – I had heard rumours that the Cop had vegan doughnuts but I needed to read the label before committing. I was so pleased to find a packet with an actual ingredients label. These taste so good and provide a delightful flashback to my student days when I consumed large quantities of doughnuts, quavers and Caramels.

Making crazy videos for Youtube – we often record our jam nights and stick the best/most interesting/most amusing bits on Youtube. Somehow I always seem to avoid appearing on camera, but not on Friday night. As well as footage of me playing bass (and actually looking like I might be enjoying it) there is the Laura Palmer song inspired by watching hours of Twin Peaks on DVD.

Other stuff - Underground rebel bingo, plotting trips to Brighton with Dear Heart, Homeopathic remedies, making job lists, clearing out, feeling in tune with life, long drinks of cold water.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What's in my lunchbox this week?

This has been such a good lunch. Rice is really filling and I love the increased variety in fresh produce as the summer approaches.

Clockwise from top right:

Tofu - cold raw tofu sprinkled with nori powder. I was planning to cook the tofu then I stumbled across a branch of Whole Foods in London on Friday. Their salad bar had a huge tub of fresh tofu that jsut looked delicious.

Radishes and steamed Asparagus

Onigiri - I've made versiosn of these before but was inspired this time by a recipe in the Guardian Family supplement.

Lettuce and home grown spinach

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Rockin’ in a free world – I’ve always loved this song. I’ve recently learned to play in on the bass, heard a pub band play a great version at the weekend and get to jam it tonight.

Homemade falafel – I don’t know why I’ve never bothered to do these before. The dough was simple to make in the Vitamix but I reckon it wouldn’t have been too difficult by hand. They taste amazing. Mass produced store bought ones are so dry.

A new book by Scarlett Thomas – It’s so exciting to walk into a bookshop and find something telling you that there is new book by one of your favourite authors being published in a few weeks. I rarely buy books but will certainly be purchasing Our terrible universe on 20th May.

Other good stuff - Vegan Thai red curry, white wine, great customer service from Marks and Spencer, water, Cool Hand Luke (what we’ve got here is failure to communicate), election madness.