Friday, 21 March 2014

Vegan meet up in Chelmsford

Meeting other people is always fun. You never know what fascinating things you'll discover. Meeting others who share an interest with you can be be even more fun.

So if you'd like to meet other vegans in the Chelmsford area get yourself down to The Ideas Hub on Saturday 26 April between midday and 2.30 pm.

If you haven't visited The Ideas Hub before drop by in a virtual manner and look at their website or Facebook page. Then come and hang out the cafe in April. Let's start building a vegan community in Chelmsford.

The Hub is part of the High Chelmer shopping centre, and is located opposite the market at 1-4 Market Square.

See you there!


Thursday, 6 March 2014

My year of less and more: month 2

I’ve now completed my second month with no purchases of clothes, shoes, or accessories. It’s not been difficult. However I have noted the following:

  • It seems odd when I do walk through a shop selling clothes – as if I’d forgotten such things existed.
  • Sales still catch my eye – I had to remind myself that I had no need of more shoes when I spotted a shop with a closing down sale.
  • I’m finding more satisfaction in wearing the stuff I do have.

I’ve been setting myself 3 goals each month using the New Year Revolution planner. My goals for March are:

  • Organise a vegan meet up in Chelmsford - all welcome
  • Create a classics reading list for myself - suggestions welcome
  • Sort out the garden - good weather welcome


I’m rather nervous about the vegan meet up, and know that I need to take action on this sooner rather than later. Hence I’ve made my other goals easy to ensure that I have no excuse for not doing it.

Last month I got organised with forty for 40, and assigned a few tasks for each month. So during March I’ll be looking at:

  • Making crumpets – need to buy cook’s rings
  • Planning a visit to Veganz in Berlin
  • Making a green cape
  • Organising a boudoir photo shoot with Carla and my bass


Wishing you all things green,