Thursday, 20 May 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Jeans that fit – I have huge problems finding jeans that fit me. I spend hours trying on jeans in charity shops trying to find a pair that fits me. Hence I was delighted to find not one but two pairs of jeans that fitted me today. I’m so excited at the prospect of wearing them.

New stuff to read- I am awash with exciting new things to read. In the last week I have enjoyed a two Jeffry Deaver novels and a Kathy Reichs. In my pile waiting to be devoured are the new Hester Browne, a Gavin Lyall, a Cory Doctorow, a Peter James and the new Scarlett Thomas, Our Tragic Universe. I am in book heaven.

Vegan doughnuts – I had heard rumours that the Cop had vegan doughnuts but I needed to read the label before committing. I was so pleased to find a packet with an actual ingredients label. These taste so good and provide a delightful flashback to my student days when I consumed large quantities of doughnuts, quavers and Caramels.

Making crazy videos for Youtube – we often record our jam nights and stick the best/most interesting/most amusing bits on Youtube. Somehow I always seem to avoid appearing on camera, but not on Friday night. As well as footage of me playing bass (and actually looking like I might be enjoying it) there is the Laura Palmer song inspired by watching hours of Twin Peaks on DVD.

Other stuff - Underground rebel bingo, plotting trips to Brighton with Dear Heart, Homeopathic remedies, making job lists, clearing out, feeling in tune with life, long drinks of cold water.

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