Thursday, 8 July 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Driving lessons – Never thought I'd be putting this down on a TILT! I’ve been taking driving lessons on and off since I was 17 and I’m at it again. I’m enjoying my lessons so far and am feeling much calmer than I have on previous occasions. Part of this is due to my instructor. A friend of a friend I knew it was going to be alright when I saw the ‘Total Guitar’ magazine stickers all over his diary.

Being nearly an auntie – My sister is nearly at her due date which means Auntie-type duties could commence anytime now. As a plus my parents are going to be staying with me just before and after the birth. Given that we live some distance apart and so don’t get to see each other much this is definite plus.

New job – I have been in my new job for just over a week and things are very fine indeed. Ok I’m still getting my head together, working out all the bits the role involves and writing massive job lists.

Other stuff – Bud, exercise, Supernatural, the unexpected, Spinach, high heeled shoes, thing that turn out to be easier than expected, Porn star martinis, hummus, Kid Rock.

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