Monday, 20 February 2012

My Weekend - brunch and learning to take it easy

Plate of vegan food

Like a lot of people my first thought when faced with a three day weekend is how much stuff I want to cram in because I need to catch up! So my entire weekend followed the pattern of me doing lots of things and then feeling horribly tired. You see I've been so excited about excited about life and all the things I can fill it with that I've gotten carried away and I'm doing too many things.

Hence I've come to the conclusion I need slow down. So I'm going to back to doing one bit of each task every day. Instead of trying to complete several sewing projects on a weekend I'm going to work on one and consider any progress good. 40 minutes of bass a day is better than fretting I haven't managed an hour. A few minutes of yoga a day is adding up nicely.

We've started doing Sunday brunch at home this year and it's very good so far. It creates a centre point to Sunday, means a decent meal is consumed and provides an opportunity to read the weekend papers (or part of them). Plus I've rediscovered potato waffles. And discovered that Whole Earth baked beans are perfect with an extra spoonful of tomato purée.

Other weekend stuff *brisk and bright allotment mornings *vegeburgers with peanut butter and pickles *lots of naps *collecting a stash of books from the library *dancing along to Burlesque the film while complaining about the plot line (it could have been so much better) *face pack Friday

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