Monday, 27 February 2012

My weekend - how does one relax?

I made a real effort to try and get some time to relax, kick back and stop chasing my tail this weekend. I kept my job list to a minimum and put relax at the end of it. So a little walk in the country, a spot of grocery shopping, codecademy lessons and paying a couple of bills - how long could that lot take? I'm inclined to think that work does expand to fill the available time!

Perhaps getting out of the house is a better idea. A day in London ensures that I can't do any cupboard clear outs, offers a train journey to read on on, plenty of people to observe and a nice dose of art and culture.

Other weekend antics - *reading Into the Wild (make that devouring) *phone chats with parents *resisting the urge to start refashioning my recent vintage purposes (but definitely making plans and trying on) *enchinacea tea to ward off a sore throat.

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