Monday, 13 February 2012

My weekend - snowy walks and busy doing what?

Snowy field

 Most weekends I go out at walk five miles. It's a habit I developed while doing marathon training a few years back. I really enjoy the exercise, the time to think and the opportunity to observe the changing seasons. This week's walk was particularly note able for the snow covered fields and the low temperature (-15!).

I kept busy all weekend it seems although I had to laugh when my parent's called and asked what I'd been up to. My mind went totally blank and I couldn't think of anything I'd be doing.

Other weekend antics and delights *scrambled tofu with the last spoonful of pasta sauce - it was good *cutting out fabric for sewing next weekend *fried carrot/sunflower seed spread, fake turkey and avocado sandwiches *fresh bed linen *hot showers with Karma soap *vegan pizza with banana *finding the vegan stuff on the Naked wines site *finishing The faith instinct and moving onto Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. I'm finding interesting links as regards the placebo effect already *it wouldn't be a weekend with out clearing out a cupboard or box - this week I tackled the gift wrapping supplies and sorted my button jar into colours.

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