Tuesday, 29 September 2009

What's in my lunchbox this week?

I sat down on Friday night and looked through my cook books and the fridge to work out what I had and what I could produce for lunch based on this. So this week we have:

(clockwise from top right)

Lettuce and a little tub of vegan mayo

Cherry tomatoes

Piroshka stuffed with mashed potatoes (home grown), sweet corn and watercress from a recipe in the the Vegan Lunchbox Cookbook. I was unable to resist moving beyond the plain potato filling suggested. these are very good. Apparently buckwheat is a traditional filling so I will be trying that out too.

Fruit crumble - base is plums, pears and aples. the topping is a crumble mix made with millet flakes, margarine, a dash of sugar and the (no longer desicated) Coconut left over from making coconut milk. Something exotic for falling tempaeratures.

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