Thursday, 17 September 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Nicole’s coffee and sandwich shop – which serves vegan food. I had breakfast and lunch in there today and it was marvellous. It makes a real change to able to eat somewhere where vegan food is considered normal. The staff are really friendly and the atmosphere is nice. It was such a good change from my normal routine that I’ll be planning on getting breakfast and lunch there at least once a week (although probably not on the same day). They also serve excellent coffee and I had two cups. I don’t usually drink coffee because it makes me feel a bit hyper and strange. This coffee has had exactly that effect but it did taste good.

Belly dancing – We’d had a break from class while the teacher was away in various locations. I was a bit nervous about her return. This was on the grounds that if I was dancing dreadfully in a weekly class surely I’d be even worse after some time off. However, it would seem the break did me good. I wasn’t perfect (and what would be the point in attending the class if I was?), but I wasn’t too bad. Looking forward to next week’s class and am reminding myself not to take it too seriously.

Books that make me think – I’ve recently read a few books that I didn’t really enjoy but that made me think (or more to the point reminded me to stop thinking so much). These included Snake hips by Anne Thomas Soffee and Yes Man by Danny Wallace. Here’s to going with the flow on a more regular basis.

Elderberry hair dye - I dyed my hair with elderberries. I like the dark colour. I picked the berries from a random bush i.e. they were free. Nothing more to say.

Other stuff – piles of books, drunken bass playing, moving through job lists,, decluttering, curry inspiration, opportunity interviews.


Vixel said...

Wow! What sort of colour intensity did you get from the elderberries? I've never heard of anyone doing that before! said...

That cafe` sounds fabulous! As a vegetarian, I know exactly how you feel - sometimes, it's SO hard to go to a restaurant and freely select something off the menu - there are so many places that I've visited in the past few months where there's only been one vegetarian option, and it can turn what's supposed to be a lovely dining experience into a really frustrating occasion. I hope you had a brilliant weekend! :)