Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What's in my lunchbox this week?

I love it when we entertain. It means that that fridge is full of unexpected goodies and exciting leftovers. Dear Heart and I hosted Brunch club this weekend with a Weekend at Bernie's theme including inflatable man. I made up a variety of canapes on and for the non-vegan Dear Heart had bread, crackers, cheese and pate of on offer. This week's lunches then will be featuring some variation on:

Crackers/oatcakes/pumpernickel/rice cakes/baguettes with vegan cream cheese/faux tuna/herby yeast pate/hummus.

From top right:

Dairy free strawberry cheesecake - an indulgance form the freezer section a Holland and Barrett

Salad - little gem and iceberg lettuce, radishes, peppers.

Canapes - pumpernickel or rice cake base with one of the spreads listed above with a garnish of pepper, gherkin or olive. Gaps filled in with a tomato and cheesy chickpeas.

Oatcakes with margarine and vegan hard cheese.

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