Thursday, 10 September 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Home brewing - I’ve had goes at home brewing over the years but it always involved kits. This year Dear Heart and I had begun to explore making wine from fruit (and I’m keen to try some from vegetables soon). With the strawberry wine wine ageing on the rack, I’ve currently got a load of elderberry and blackberry wine on the go and it looks like its going to be a corker. I’ve also discovered why people rate elderberries as a source of hair and clothing dye.

Using stuff up – It feels great to be working through the stockpile of stuff that I have. I’m getting through food supplies, stationary, make-up and cleaning products. I’m handing stuff that I have no use for over to people who do. I have a vision in my head of cupboard with just a single item of something in them rather than a dozen different versions.

Vegan surprise – I finally got back to morning walks today. I ambled past a café near my work place and stopped dead. It had a sandwich board outside advertising vegan food. So excited. I usually pack my breakfast and lunch, but I’m thinking that next week I might need to do a little breakfasting out.

Other stuff - getting deals at the vegetable stall on the market, snacks, exercise, eBay, lunch with the girls, nothing is permanent, lists, my job, routine, sleep and dreams, music theory, synergy and co-incidence.

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