Friday, 4 September 2009

Things I didn’t wear this summer

As ever my wardrobe is bursting at the seams - even when I don't buy new stuff I seem to acquire it. Is it time to be ruthless with those items that just don't earn their keep and have been worn rarely or not at all this summer?

Things I didn't wear

Pink linen skirt – it’s a little too big even with the drawstring waist and I just don’t think I’m a pink person. With my dark hair I always feel like a strawberry cream chocolate. Verdict - ditch

White linen trousers – No real urge to wear these. Maybe I just needed the rifht event? Verdict – keep

Cream skirt with floral pattern – This former cushion cover seems to have grown in size over the winter and will only just stay up on my hips. Verdict – Refit waist in preparation for next summer.

‘Medical emergency dress’
– a pale blue/green with little white spots. I’ve worn it lots in previous years but it felt very short this year and I only wore it a couple of times. Verdict – insert panel at wait to increase length.

My unexpected summer stars – things I didn’t expect to wear but did!

Denim skirt with handkerchief hem – this nearly went out as it was a little large around the waist and I thought it worked best with very high heels. Instead it’s been something I’ve worn loads and goes well with longer tops that don’t work with anything else. Also makes me look slim.

Green dress – a pale green with a halter neck and a pleated skirt. A bit dressy for day but a combination of hot weather and my beige shrug made this work well for evenings.

Red dress
– A dress in cahoots with the sun. Realised that it looked great with jeans and a white cardigan. Ideal for layering and attending a number of events on the same day.

Mushroom print dress – a black dress made from a 1970s skirt. Deciced I loved the vintage look of it and wore it to work and for partying. It even made it’s way to a couple of rock bars and fitted in just fine. A woven belt replacing a blue ribbon belt really gave this the edge it needed.

Beige wedges – an Oxfam bargain after I decided to stop wearing shoes that hurt my feet. Comfy and glamorous even with jeans.

White heart shaped necklace – Dug out of box of stuff from my parent’s house. Haven’t worn it since I was eight. Went great with everything adding a pleasing vintage touch.

My thoughts on clothing for future summers?

Long skirts are surely the way forward as they can be pulled up and belted into dresses or worn long as the weather dictates.

It’s old but true – accessories are what matters most. A belt, the right shoes and a necklace are just the thing for pulling it all together.

Sewing band of elastic across them prevents cheap pumps from falling off your feet.

While green and black/grey are my fallback colours for winter it seems that green and beige are my fallback colours for summer.

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