Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What's in my lunchbox this week? - a seventh of a rainbow

Lunchbox of food
Despite my best efforts to eat a veritable rainbow of fruit and vegetables Photographic evidence would suggest I only do one colour at a time. I'm uncertain as whether this is a fixation on a colour on my part, failure of local supplier to stock enough variety or something to do with all seasonal produce being the same colour. Anyway it's another of my red phase.

Clockwise form top right:

  • Rice with ripped up wasabi nori. Disappointingly as I like hot tastes the rice seems to effortlessly absorb all the oomph of the wasabi. Still a great combo though.
  • Fried tofu - I thinly sliced the leftover tofu I bought recently at Spitalfields and fried until it was really crispy. Rice, seaweed and tofu - does it get ant better?
  • Cherry tomatoes and radishes - at least they're different shades of red. The radishes are almost purple.
  • Home grown strawberries - and remember strawberries taste much better at room temperature (assuming you aren't eating them straight from the plant on a sunny day).

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