Thursday, 5 July 2012

Things I Love Thursday - sales, sticks and sage tea

Cuff pouches
Absolutely top of my list this week of things that make me smile is selling things that I've made. Close behind is being called 'a clever old stick' by a customer who liked my re-use of cuffs and ties to make pouches.
Tie pouches
Running close behind is the discovery of Tamarind. I'm very keen to try some more recipes soon Now I've realised how amazing this magic ingredient is.

I'm a huge fan of Lush. Their products smell great, are largely vegan and they have brilliant staff. They use minimal packaging, have a sense of humour and do seem to stand for something. I've been using their toothy tabs toothpaste with the tube for a while and really like the Dirty and Chou, Chou I Love you. However another flavour has now joined my 'like' list. I think it's the inclusion of Earl Grey in the ingredients that I couldn't resist.

Sage tea - a colleague bought some loose herbalteas back from Cyprus and has been sweet enough to share them. The sage one is fantastic for clearing your head and getting you ready to deal with life.

Other stuff raising a smile - *pictures of green typewriters sent via email *a gentle breeze through the window *my own space *flatbreads *support from friends * getting on top of joblists *ideas for getting creative

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Mimi said...

I adore your cuffs and ties pouches! Such a fabulous idea...and I haven't seen anything like them even on pintrest! xx