Thursday, 12 July 2012

Things I Love Thursday - embracing busy, blind stitching and time out

Tea and teapot
It's a rainy night, which would be cosy if this wasn't July. I'm seated in one of favourite spots on the basement stairs with a mug of tea reflecting on what makes life worth it this week.

Learning Blind Hem stitch - ages ago I came across this blog post so long ago that I can't even recall how I got to it. So I left it open on a tab with plans to come back to it later. Tonight when I should have been doing something else like bass practice, or balancing bank statements or making more mini mattresses I decided it was the ideal time to try it out. After one false start I got it and actually unpicked the while of the hem I was repairing just because this was so cool.

I'm as ever super busy but I'm in the mood to embrace it this week. I'm coping with life's velocity by not looking down. Do bring on back to back commitments, squeezing the juice out of life and falling into bed exhausted by life.

And if I do pause for breath it'll be for tea (and soup and homemade bread if I'm lucky) at Mimi's. Her flat is an enchanting space that takes me away from the rest of the world. I always feel privileged to be allowed to take some time out for Sunshine Earl Grey and gossip with someone do glamorous and welcoming.

*Dreams of setian and cupcakes *burlesque performance to an audience *plotting with my sister *mango sorbet *the magical combination of tofu, rice and seaweed *a really good stretch

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