Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What's in my lunchbox this week? - the magic ingredient

I'm always trying to use up the stuff that lurks in the pantry. The ingredients you bought for a single recipe. The ones people gave you. One that were so expensive you're scared to use it. The ones you have no idea how to use.

Many years back a colleague gave me a block of tamarind after being astonished that it wasn't a pantry staple for me. I thanked him and have never touched it because I was quite sure what it went with.

When I spotted Tamarind lentils in Veganomicon I knew its time had come at last and it was so worth the wait.

Lunchbox of food

Clockwise from top right:

  • Home grown strawberries
  • Radishes and tomatoes
  • Tamarind lentils - the recipe from Veganomicon ignoring the suggestion to avoid brown lentils and with spinach and rocket stirred in just because they were in the fridge. This tastes amazing.
  • Flat breads - usual recipe (flour, splash of oil, enough water to make a dough, fry in hot fry pan) but with some gram flour in the mix.

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