Monday, 16 July 2012

My weekend - rain ponchos and rolling stones

So once again I rounded a busy week with a busy weekend. I'm always hopeful that an acupressure session on Friday afternoon will encourage me to relax on Friday evening but this is rarely the case. Instead I ended up repairing torn lace at 11pm.

Saturday I was forced out into the torrential rain to attend a vital meeting with an estate agent. It did give me an opportunity to try out my new rain poncho from the local army surplus store. No photos yet (it's not the most flattering of garments) but I do have big plans for customising it with circles of acrylic paint in various shades of green.

Glass babules
Another benefit of popping out on Saturday was picking up a selection of vintage glass babules. They are still in the WH Smith box and marked at two and a half pence.

South bank
With the Olympic madness about to descend on our capital city I'm not planning anymore visits until September. So it was really great to get a final day out soaking up atmosphere and inspiration. As well as a meander along the Southbank I went to the Rolling Stones exhibition at Somerset House.

Rolling Stones exhibition sign
It was a really great collection of photos and I appreciated them not being in chronological order. It wasn't about charting the history of the Rolling Stones but simply appreciating their style, existance and place in history.
Next weekend is going to be all about sewing. I've got projects that I really want to finish or move on. Meanwhile there's almost a working week of rain to get through.

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