Monday, 2 July 2012

My weekend - it began with ironing


I never iron if I can help it do kicking off a Friday night with several hours of ironing surely indicates a weekend that's going to be a bit busy and not quite the usual round of activities.

Saturday I headed into London for a day of things with a Japanese slant.

Kokoro exhibition sign
It's amazing how many exhibitions with a Japanese angle there are in London. Kokoro at Somerset House was amazing. The pieces had been displayed with care and the simple rooms with pale walls and wooden floors allowed them to speak for themselves.

Goat statue
It's years since I've been to Spitalfields market and my has it smartened itself up.

Okinawa day 2012 at Spitalfields market poster
I was dropping by for the Okinawa Day. It was great to enjoy some music and browse the stalls. I picked up some deep fried tofu and soy bean pulp. I've never cooked this before and suggestions were that used it for falafels or microwaved and served with spring onions. I combined with onions, garlic powder and chilli and gave it a bit of a fry before serving. Not bad at all.

I did wander round the vintage market but tried not to look too closely at anything. My wardrobe as ever is stuffed and if I am going to buy new stuff some of the less worn items will have to go first.

Sunday I had to be up early (despite a midnight visit from locked out neighbours to borrow a ladder). A few weeks back I agreed to my first handmade and vintage stand with Carla from Ducking Fabulous at the Maldon motor show. It was a desire to sell some of my hand crafted items that lead to all that ironing on Friday night. As this was the first one I'd done I saw it very much as a fact finding experience.

Maldon motor show

As it turned out I had an amazing day. Even part of the stand collapsing under a potential customer, gusty wind blowing everything off the stand and a rain storm couldn't put a negative spin on things. If fact I was enjoying running our stall so much I didn't really manage to look round (except for ending up in the wrong field on my one excursion).

Decorated notebooks
I was delighted to sell a few bits (my covered notebooks were poplar) and be called 'a clever old stick' by a customer. I came away feeling inspired, planning to open an Etsy shop, and with lots of ideas. Carla and I have agreed we must share a stall again soon (assuming we can find a free weekend).

So end result of my weekend was a head buzzing with ideas and a seriously early night.




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India-leigh@AVEGANOBSESSION said...

how exciting for you (Esty). It feels good to sell your stuff doesn' it! I sold some homemade granola, chocs and macaroons the other day. You would have thought I was Mr Sugar the way I year we'll be millionaires! x