Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What's in my lunchbox this week? Two new recipes

I'm so enjoying cooking at the weekends and chatting about food, recipes and blogs at London Vegan Drinks really inspires me to try out new things. If they use up stuff I already have in the house better still.

Clockwise from top right 

Cream crackers

Curried carrot dip - from Veganomicon. The only snag with vitamix for things like this is that larger quantities work better in it. That said even thought its not entirely smooth this blend of carrots, sunflower seeds and spices is great. I will definitely make this again. I can see it going with so many things.


Rice and lentils topped with breakfast veggie chorizo. The chorizo was from Vegan with a vegance and so easy to make. It made top chunks actually taste good and used ingredients I had in the pantry. Another make again. 

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