Monday, 9 January 2012

My weekend

I had a great weekend. I got loads done and by Sunday evening I felt fresh and ready for the week ahead.

Stuff I did

* sorted out my filing system all ready for 2012 * put a zip in a dress and did some work on a couple of little bags * further to above discovered that although my sewing machine is awesome it doesn't t actually thread itself and unsurprisingly don't work well when it's not threaded right * went for a walk * visited my allotment to do some digging and to try out my new apple green wellies and fleece boot socks. Returned with a bag of potatoes and spinach * had Sunday brunch with the Sunday papers * prepared lovely food to enjoy *Painted my toenails in a variety of shades of green * various bits of cleaning involving vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and the impressive No more chemicals cloth I have recently acquired. Amazed by how much gunk it removed from my desk!

Next weekend I've got plans to restring my bass, reorganise a couple of shelves and dress like a rock star

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