Monday, 2 January 2012

That was the year that was - 2011 review

Here are my highlights from 2011. I must try to include illustration for the 2012 review!

January –  Has an alcohol free month with two exceptions and one major hangover. Visited the Future beauty: 30 years of Japanese Fashion exhibition.

February – Saw MCR in concert. Passed my driving test (after 19 years). Celebrated my unbirthday at a Beer festival.

March – Dressed up 60s style for my parent’s joint birthday party. Went to Yoshi Yamamoto exhibition at V&A. Bought my first car and terrified myself driving all over the place.

April – Went to Paris for the first time. Loved it. Went skiing for the first time. Hate is a strong word but… Had my first passenger in my car. Watched the royal wedding while wearing a Tinkerbell tiara.

May – Went to the Japan at Home exhibition. Got inspired by heatwave to change wardrobe over early. Walked a dog for the first time in my life.

June – Drove to Somerset and discovered that you can’t drive up really big hills in fifth gear. Stayed in an Easy Hotel. Dyed clothes green. Took part in belly dancing show.

July – Got stuck in massive traffic jam on M25. Celebrated my niece’s birthday with fairy lemonade. Drove around the countryside tracking down weights for a sash window.

August – Tried Zumba – energetic fun. Went to V Festival – loved Manic Street Preachers, You Me at Six and Good Charlotte. Enjoyed Judith Kerr exhibition at V&A childhood museum and bought my own copy of The tiger who came for tea. Hung out with my sister and grandparents for the day (and acquired a new green handbag). Spent a day recording with my band. Planned a fabulous west to East coast American road trip for 2014.

September – tried Burlesque and loved it. Dressed as Lara Croft for a fancy dress party and hung out with Hunter S. Thompson, Indiana Jones and a number of fairy tale princesses. Went to London Vegan drinks, met some amazing people and felt inspired.

October - a second night of Vegan London drinks and ate at Tibits – mmm! Went on Jack the Ripper walk. Joined a burlesque class and went to ‘an evening of Burlesque’. Enjoyed an afternoon of pumpkin carving and cider tasting.

November – Introduced my niece to fireworks (she was less than impressed). Discovered that one should always check the trains for engineering works before venturing into London. Went to the third London Vegan drinks and had even  more awesome vegan food. Made a skirt for a friend so that she could go to a party dressed as Jessica Rabbit (she did and looked so glam). Made steamed Setian. Went to Hogswatch in Wincanton and had a jolly time with friends and family.

December - Went to the Christmas without Cruelty fayre and enjoyed sampling various foods including cupcakes. Went to Westfield with my sister for a day of Christmas shopping. Hosted our 7th New Year party with 10 guests. My song of the year was Sure feels right by Sixx a.m. got  to bed at 4.31 ready to begin an awesome 2012.

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