Thursday, 5 January 2012

Things I Love Thursday - unexpected gems, pjs and tiny details

Things that are making my day in the first week of 2012

Unexpected lunchtime joy - In the summer months there are a variety of parks I like to have lunch in. One is attached to a museum and despite entry being free I never venture through the doors. Today I did and it was great. There was so much more than I expected that I'll be making return visits all year to take in the details. Being a Thursday lunchtime in term time the place was empty. I was taken by surprise by the art collection and by other gems. Imagine stumbling across an entire room of 18th century glassware on a rainy lunchtime in January.

Wearing pjs - although I don't tend to wear a suit to work (spare me from having to iron shirts) I do tend to get changed when I get in. This week I've taken it a step beyond jeans to put my pjs on unless it's band practice. The way I see it I'd happily answer the door with a wine glass in hand so why not 'lounge pants' and fluffy slipper boots!

Spotting the tiny details that make houses individual -the front hedge trimmed into the shape of the door number, various wind chimes, different paths, fences and front doors.

Other stuff - sober January, Turkish delight, routine, yoga in the morning, wonderful neighbours with a zen atmosphere surrounding them.

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Mimi said...

I completely misread that to begin with, and thought for one moment you were changing into your pjs when you got to work! Hmm, maybe we should start the revolution! xx