Monday, 23 January 2012

What I did at the weekend (and at the end of last week)

I've had the busiest few days. I've been having much fun and thinking how great life can be but I seem to have been on the go non stop! Hence I missed doing Things I Love Thursday (or Friday, or Saturday or even Sunday).

*I started a new Burlesque class and the routine should find a use for that school tie I bought for a Hen night *moved offices at work - love my new bright, light office with fab colleagues * London Vegan Drinks!!!!

I always have a great time at London Vegan Drinks. The food is always amazing and you get to meet lovely new people. So in the dodgy photo below you can see fab  and Mendelian (as they are known on the PPK website) and the lovely Natalie (hope you made your train).

With two late nights out of the way the weekend then arrived and entailed:

* more cupboard clear outs * lots of Bass playing (still working away on Living' on a prayer) and recording stuff for YouTube and * working to get through the week's codecademy lessons * Sunday brunch * a through application of henna to my hair * getting creative in the kitchen * staying on top of the weeds at my allotment * Work on crazy patchwork *tons of paperwork

So with a wonderful Monday out of the way I'm fully prepared to embrace the rest of the week - bring it on. 

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