Friday, 25 January 2013

Ukulele lady

Only a totally disorganised person would attend a ukulele workshop at the delightful Tea and Sympathy and meet old friends and new interesting new people and fail to take a single photograph. Why it was almost like being back in the late 90s!

Admittedly I did arrive in a rather flustered state having had to change my travel plans a the last minute. The plan was to eat dinner with the wonderful Naomi (dinner at Naomi's two nights in a row is great!) and then get the train together. When it turned out the trains were all cancelled it was time to have rethink and me driving seemed the obvious option.

Alas my satnav was at home, I only had the vaguest idea of where I was headed and I needed petrol. But Naomi and I stepped up to the plate in best Thelma and Louise style (but without the attempted rape and murder).

The workshop was such fun. Our tutor, Pony, had five songs for us to have a go at playing from the simple one chord Frere Jacques to I just called to say I love you (5 chords). Taking it at a slow pace we played through each a code of times. Pony took the time at the start of each new tune to sing it through and make sure we were all comfortable with any new chords.

By the end of the night when we played through all 5 tunes and sang along it felt great. Even without the cocktails served in teacups that the non-drivers partook of.

And then it was time leave behind the shop full of vintage finds, handmade lovelies and quirky objects. To wander back across town, buy chips, and drive back through the fog, humming Ukulele Lady.

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