Monday, 7 January 2013

Craft swap Sunday


Basket of chocolates

Several months back I agreed in an enthusiastic manner to take part in a craft swap with some of the lovely talented people I know. Based on some kind of cookie swap that some chums had read about (in a cosy murder novel - who says reading has to be high brow to be worthwhile?), the idea was to make enough of something for everyone else to be able to take one home. So I arrived with 8 little parcels of vegan sloe gin chocolate and left with 8 different things.

Going in a clockwise direction from top right:

  • Vegan cheesecake portion
  • Italian spice mix
  • Little chicken
  • Button magnets
  • Tea bag folded card
  • Lavender heart
  • Raspberry jam
  • Embellished jar with cutters, ginger and gingerbread recipe

I tried to keep the descriptions above as straightforward as possible because otherwise there was a real chance that there would be massive over use of words like 'darling', 'cute', 'delicious', and so on.


The lovely Mrs J hosted and the nine of us had an excellent gossip and drank vast quantities of tea before the swap commenced. It was such a nice way to spend the first Sunday afternoon in January. Not only did it offer something to look forward to post new year but proved to be so inspiring. I got marvellous ideas for things to make from chatting to the others and have found so many things I now want to have a go at making. I suspect this may be a good way to ease into and test out a home made Christmas.


I'm already planning for next year and wondering if I should make snowman piñatas or mini gingerbread cottages.

Burlesque lady

And here's a close up of the saucy looking lady from my ginger jar - just to remind me not to take life too seriously or to always play by the rules.


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