Monday, 24 December 2012

Could try harder

I feel a tad unprepared for Christmas.

I should by Christmas Eve have cleaned and decorated the house, purchased piles of gifts and mountains of food, and be swanning around the house elegantly attired and humming suitable music.

My decorations have been on the minimal side

A beautiful black and green ribbon wreath made by the lovely Mrs J.

Christmas wreath
A few ornaments donated by Carla adorning a dried out branch of Bay.

Christ ornaments
I've managed a bit of food prep, namely croissants, sausages, macadamia cream, and mince pie.

I've also managed to hack a load of ice out of the freezer (doubling available storage!), have been enjoying seasonal soaps from Lush and have purchased, wrapped and delivered all the gifts I was required to.

And I spent Saturday night getting into the festive spirit with Helles Belles and watching their seasonal burlesque show which featured a lot of glitter and sauciness. Highlights were balloons assisting in bra removal, the audience being showered with fake snow (which then looked like dandruff) , and an enormous powderpuff.

Post show debris
Post show
And I breakfasted on sparkly Marmite on Sunday

Gold leaf marmite
So maybe I'm not as poorly prepared as I thought. Time to get on with celebrating then.

Merry Christmas banner

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