Monday, 3 December 2012

Counting down to Christmas - cup by cup


Advent tea calendar
Advent calendars were always a really important part of the build up to Christmas. My my always got two calendars and my sister and I swapped every night to keep it fair. Cadbury's dairy milk miniatures featured heavily although I do recall one year that resulted in a different plastic animal each day. The colours were on the interesting side with green goats and blue dogs.

I fell out of the advent calendar habit. Advent candles went unlit while I was out drinking mulled wine. Chocolates stacked up until I got round to opening several doors at once.

The discovery of vegan advent calendars did spark a fresh round of enthusiasm but given my preference for salt over sweet it was never going to be a long term enthusiasm. Besides I was too busy buying up blocks of vegan cheese, locating the last celebration roast and wrapping presents to want to be reminded how few days remained to get everything done.

Tea advent calendar
This year I'm being given an opportunity to sip my way to Christmas in a delightfully mature manner. Mimi over at Little sips of tea has made me this glorious advent calendar with a different tea bag for every day. Despite a very busy weekend it was lovely to take time to make a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy it. I took the opportunity to look at my job list, tick off Christmas related tasks and to think about all things seasonal (pretty lights, Christmas music and iced up windscreens).


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