Friday, 29 March 2013

This week I plan to...


Bundles of books and seed packets

I've really been looking forward to this weekend. Now it's arrived and the sunshine is shining it's even better. So what have I got planned? I've tired not to overload myself with tasks but I do want to do the following:

  • Work through the Free Range Humans book - I pre-ordered and it's been sitting on my shelf since January
  • Write a blog post about Barcelona - I failed to do this for Rome last year and really want to share my vegan experiences in Barcelona even if it's brief
  • Work on my allotment - I've bought seeds and dug my plot so if it doesn't snow I'm good to go
  • Work on a website and a couple of other things - these are on my 'guilt' list
  • Choreograph, or at least start to, a couple of burlesque routines
  • Chill out with a book



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