Thursday, 14 June 2012

Things I love Thursday -friends and fabric

Beetle statue
It's not been a very jolly week so it seemed even more vital that I take some time out on a Thursday evening to celebrate the things in my life that are good.

  • Memories of sunny days without worries
  • Lovely evenings at Mimi's eating, drinking tea and chatting before dashing to Burlesque class

  • This glorious under bust corset in my favourite colour
  • Making plans with friends
  • Green dresses, especially my new lace one
  • A belt that goes with everything
  • Hours of patchwork creation
  • A floor coveted with fabric scraps
  • A pin board covered with sewing ideas
  • Getting inspiration from Mollie Makes magazine -almost tempted into a subscription but happily I can't decide between print and virtual
  • Cheery emails from chums
  • booking tickets to see Alice Cooper in October
  • crafting plans for the weekend

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