Monday, 11 June 2012

My weekend - cocktails, shears and unripe strawberries

I actually had a rather excellent weekend. I arrived home on Friday feeling relaxed after a bout of acupressure but was soon frazzled about domestic routines. Plus it was incredibly windy and raining.

So what's a girl to do? Well start by taking it easy on Friday night with a single glass of wine (because sometimes less is more!) and a reasonable bedtime.

Spend Saturday morning practicing Burlesque routines, playing bass and sewing patchwork. Follow up with an afternoon in the company of Carla from Ducking Fabulous. We talked blogging, crafting, cars, food, life balance and business. Several cocktails and one green lace dress from Truly Madly Vintage later, I was buzzing with ideas and ready to re-engage with life.

Alas this bout of enthusiasm lead me to getting rather too enthusiastic with the shears and shoulder high grass growing around my allotment. I make the same mistake every year. I get carried away with the process of hacking everything down and then have to endure shaky, achy limbs for the next few days.

Strawberry plant
Alas my strawberries still haven't ripened.

Then it was time for brunch, a bit of paperwork and more sewing. Sorting my fabric stash into colour coded drawers has been brilliant for allowing me to see what I actually have and make use of it. I might be doing a craft fare at the start of July so it's just as well my sewing mojo has woken up.

Other weekend antics- *finished The Japanese Fish Girl by Robert Rankin (highly amusing in places) *tried sesame popcorn *wore bright blue tights

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