Monday, 25 June 2012

My weekend - but I am a good girl


Path through grass
Monday morning greeted me with a headache, knotted stomach and feeling of nausea which is rather annoying as I was the very opposite of a party animal over the weekend.

Saturday the sun shone while I did 8km. Then it was down to some serious time with my sewing machine. I'm doing a stall with Carla from Ducking Fabulous at Barges and Bikes next weekend. Hence I had a load of half completed pieces that I needed to finish in order to sell.

Fresh strawberries
I got more sun and fresh air at my allotment on Sunday morning. I was also really pleased to bring home a couple of boxes of strawberries.

Sunday saw me spend more time sewing. I like doing the construction of pieces like bags but I love doing embellishments and appliqués on them. I sorted the various beads, fabric scraps, ribbons and so on into jars by colour earlier in the year. It was well worth the time as I could easily find what I was looking for when I got creative.

I also found time for some cooking. I made a batch of sultana and carrot muffins for the freezer and adapted last week's beer bread to make a version of Stromboli. The Stromboli is for my lunch and the muffins are for the mornings I don't eat breakfast at home.

Stromboli bread
So note to self: next weekend party like it's 1999 and see if Monday dawns with that fresh-as-a-daisy feeling.



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Carla said...

Haha! I like your theory - I wish it would work for me! Excited and a tad nervous for weekend! Xx