Sunday, 24 June 2012

Reasons to cheerful - social butterfly

I've had a busy week and time for blogging just slide away. However I've so many things I'm happy about (and who doesn't want to look at the good stuff at least once a week?) that Sunday evening seems the ideal time to be cheerful.

Posh frocks

Three people with drinks
Tuesday night I had an excuse to dress up and drink champagne. It was the annual reception for peace and friendship at the Japanese Embassy. My grandfather was a prisoner of war in Japan many years ago which is how I got involved in Pacific Venture.
Me in a blue dress
This year I wore my Grandmother's dress from the 1950s and spoke to some interesting people. I always meet a fascinating mix of people and am reminded of the common ground we share with Japan.

Decorated nails

Painted finger nails
I always paint my nails green and lately I've been experimenting with layering and patterns. Nothing make me smile like lots of shades of green mixed together.

Time to read

I'm often pushed for time to read and worry as the pile of unread items increases in size. However I'm clearly getting better at finding extra minutes. This week I've enjoyed Up for renewal by Cathy Alter (true story of women finding meaning of life and true love through advice from magazines), My side of the story by Will Davis (very readable coming of age tale) and I have finally finished The Music Instinct. I've been reading 10 pages a day of this because that's all I can handle. I'm really glad I read the mix of physics, biology, music theory, history, sociology and psychology but I probably did miss a lot.

Other stuff *sewing *London Vegan drinks - great company and great food *wandering across cool places by accident *green dresses *sunshine

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