Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What's in the lunch box? Chillies are not peppers

This lunch does actually look rather dull. A very limited choice of dishes, with a big sandwich taking up the bulk of the photo. It's not even an exciting looking sandwich. Frills of lettuce and layers of colour do not peep from between the slices. However the taste is certainly not dull. The filling is an olive and tofu spread from Veganomicon. The original recipe sounds pretty delicious, and I'm certain would have tasted it too if I'd followed it.
I made an alteration in the recipe that I haven't done in ages. When the instruction said to add red pepper flakes I added red chilli pepper flakes. I've no idea why Ido this. Any illusions I had that the two were interchangeable much have vanished years ago when I took my first combustible mouthfuls.
Maybe I felt that my food needed to compete with the ambient temperature.
Lunchtime offerings:
· Sandwich with hot olive spread, spinach, and rocket
· Melon
· Home popped popcorn
· HHhH by Laurent Binet

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