Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What's in my lunch box? Inspiration strikes

This was a truly delightful lunch and so fast to pull together. It was a bank holiday Monday evening and my challenge was to prepare some lunches for the week ahead. Flushed with inspiration from my various recent activities (Divine home-made food at Secret vegan lunch club, the vegetable glories that are Borough market, sunshine, music and yet more food at Vegfest) I whipped up the following in no time at all.
Clockwise from top right:
Tandoori tofu – This was based on a recipe by Rose Eliot for tandoori paneer. She suggested trying it with tofu. What makes it really excellent is that it doesn't need to marinade for hours. I messed around the recipe a bit because I had lots of fresh ginger to hand and baked instead of grilling but a speedy and tasty triumph. It warmed nicely in the microwave too.
Flatbreads – I've been experimenting with making these a bit thicker. They take a tiny bit longer to cook but are still massively handing as they are fast, tasty and the ingredients are always to hand.
Radishes – These worked well against the warm tofu and thick flatbreads
Baked rhubarb and raspberry oatmeal – This is based on a recipe from Scandi – Home, a most delightful blog. Only I missed out the almonds and cinnamon. And chucked in raspberries and coconut. They are somewhere between a flapjack and a crumble. I bet they would be even better with warm coconut milk poured over (rather in the style of Weetabix and hot milk).

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