Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Spring Fling 2013

So what can I tell you about Spring Fling?

Where did the jukebox go?

It takes places in Wincanton, Somerset - the twin town of Anhk Morpork. It's the partner to Hogswatch.

There's plenty to do. Activities take place in The Bear or The Dolphin, and are organised by the fans for the fans. Some people dress up, some don't. The theme for 2013 was The Truth and goings on included karaoke, photography workshops, interestingly shaped vegetable competitions, a charity auction, poetry writing, a busk tucker trial (sponsored by the Assassin's Guild) and a mini cabaret (organised by Davina and I).

Igor's box of tricks

If you feel like getting away The Nog has among other things a nice garden and cherry beer. The former Uncle Tom's Cabin has a fine selection of ciders hay bales!

Spring Fling 2013 was my first opportunity to perform my own burlesque choreography. A nice slow glove strip to Bill Wither's Ain't no sunshine with plenty of scope for pulling faces at the audience. Smudge did me some delightfully sleazy red lights, Mr Boggis sorted the music and we put poetry, other dances, a recital by the wonderful Pam and some ritual audience humiliation on either side.

Where did my glove go?

Much fun was had by all and I shall be back for Hogswatch with a new routine or two, a couple of Paper Dolls in tow and some knitted sausages. On note of which if you are a vegan The Bear is very accomodating and is working on being more vegan friendly.


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