Saturday, 18 May 2013

The good hour that lasts all week


Regular readers might have noted that I talk a lot about needing to slow down and relax. However I then rush off to ten more things instead of stopping and staring out of the window, or having a nap, or meditating.

Last Friday I took action! Back in January I'd revieved a voucher for a massage at the Lush Spa. I duly booked in with the King's Road branch and prepared myself for The good hour.

In order to enjoy to the maximum the spent Friday morning 'clearing the decks', and then got some lunch. I visited the Veggie Table at Borough Market and had their fantastic vegan burger and a salad box.

Not only was it delicious, it was really filling. I did buy some cupcakes (Lemon cheesecake and English rose for the record) from Ms Cupcake was too full to even take a bite (they were consumed over the weekend just in case anyone is worried they went to waste).

The Veggie Table doesn't have any tables to eat at but is right next to Southwark Catherdal. So I joined the crowds and ate there.

My lunch spot

I've rarely seem a church so full of life and wondered if this was how things would have been in medieval England - different spheres of life mixing.

I had ever intention of taking loads of photos at the Lush spa but it just didn't happen. So I'll have to describe it instead. That said I think it's difficult to do. How can I convey the attention to detail in the decor? Or the way I felt like I was in sitting the kitchen of the wise woman of the village? Or how the sea shanties added to the experience? Or the moment when it seemed that the floor of the room was flooded? Or how I had sea legs after?

What I can say with certainty is that I was totally relaxed after. I slept beautifully on Friday night and felt much less frantic than usual on Saturday. A week on my shoulders are still loose and there is a calmness in my mind.


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