Monday, 24 September 2012

Tractors, inkdrops and padlocks

It's that time of the week again when I find myself looking through my photostream wondering what on earthbive been up to lately. I obviously don't have any photos relating to last week's bout of illness.

However I did enjoy a lovely meal out at The Saracen's Head in Dunmow where they actually seemed thrilled when I said I was vegan as opposed to really confused. However I was a little confused as they'd changed from summer to autumn menu between me booking a table and our actual meal. That said they did a very nice job providing me with a 'mushroom' burger and a rather refreshing fruit salad (because it wasn't drowning in juice). Yes I should have started taking photos before eating but I was hungry.

Fruit salad
I also had a nice afternoon standing outside a pub watching a carnival parade, admiring tractors and making friends with dogs.

Pub sigh
And then I embraced a week of telling the world about Inkdrops, sending odd emails (some things will never be super) and being ill.

Happily recovery allowed me to see the Munch exhibition at the Tate Modern (bought back my teenage obsession with his work), go to a burlesque show with friends (lots of whooping, laughing and general fun) and indulge in large bowls of food (being ill makes me really hungry). I enjoyed this combo of cos lettuce, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, radishes, yellow peppers, celery, crispy tofu and tahini dressing while reading Ms Peregrine's home for peculiar children.

While crossing the Millenium Bridge to reach the Tate Modetn I couldn't help but notice all the padlocks attached to it

Millennium bridge and padlocks
It turns out they are some kind of trend for declaring one's undying affection. One simply writes the initials, name or longer message on a padlock, affixes it to a bridge and throws away the key.

Millennium bridge and padlocks
Anyway here's to a week of feeling alive once again. I'm off to source cardboard boxes, emerald green frilly knickers and follow up a new angle on feather free boas.


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