Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What's in my lunchbox this week? Organised eating

Lunchbox with food
The start of September sees a return to getting organised, preparing food on weekends an experimenting with new recipes.

I took advantage of the nice man on the fruit and vegetable stall and snapped up 3 pineapples for a quid plus some Victoria plums. I don't like over sweet things and this combination of sweet and sour is fantastic.

The other two spaces are taken up by not one but two new recipes.

I've often marinated tofu in some manner and then baked it so I just had to try Hasselback tofu when I saw a recipe on lunch box bunch I had to give it a go. It turned out great and was so easy to do. The spread of flavour is good and I found it an excellent opportunity to use up odds and ends of various sauces. I have no idea why it looks like a portobello mushroom in the photo above. Clearly my food styling needs to move beyond open lunchbox and point camera.

Regardless of their appearance (another food styling triumph!) the final item is not a chocolate chip muffin. I adore l corn bread, muffins and the Vegan Lunchbox cookbook but I'd never tried the corn pone muffins recipe before. The instructions warned against the mixture getting too wet but I found mine too dry! Despite the addition of some extra soy milk, salsa and chopped jalapeƱos things remained on the solid side. As a result my black beans just sat on top, masqueraded as choclate chips and went crispy. However these are delicious and a recipe I will make again. I am planning to stir the beans into the mix next time or make a hole for the spoonful of beans to go in.

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