Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What's in my lunchbox this week? Blurry but good

Lunch and book
Lunch and book
I like the colours in this photo but it doesn't exactly give a god idea of my lunch. Guess you'll have to let me paint a picture with words.

Clockwise from top right:

  • Retromania by Simon Reynolds - an excellent read giving me a new perspective on vintage
  • Kiwi fruit and green grapes
  • Sun dried tomato and pesto scones filled with cashew cheese - my scones are finally starting to be more like scones and less like bricks!
  • Mushroom and basil tofu frittata, Chinese cabbage, and herb roared potatoes.
I have a wonderful time cooking on Sunday to ensure I had great food this week. I must do it more often.

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