Monday, 2 April 2012

From weekend to weekend

So it always seems like I barely have time to catch my breath before I'm doing something else. Happily while the last ten days have been busy they've also been filled with enjoyable, novel activities, terrific people and good food.

So rewind to a Friday evening where i enjoyed a takeaway curry with neighbours. They always order loads of food and guess who got to take home (and pretty much live on) the leftovers for several days?

Saturday I got to pick my niece up from a wedding and take her home to sleep (and eat pizza and fridge cake) while her parents got a rate chance to party. Driving while singing 'the Grand Old Duke of York' is an experience that will stay with me.

Last week I got to fulfil a childhood wish and went to Rome. Hopefully I'll manage an entire post about it. The weather was great. The food was good. There were water fountains and ancient things everywhere. I got sore feet from walking. I found soy ice cream.

Anyway it was then onto another weekend involving more curry but with different people, a corset party with vegan Brownies, seed planting and home made pasta.

Life is wonderful.

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