Thursday, 12 April 2012

Things I Love Thursday - work, blog, declutter

My job - I am blessed to do work I enjoy with fab colleagues that I hope makes a difference to the world. I enjoyed Easter at home but felt perfectly happy to go back to work on Tuesday.

Finding new blogs - I love finding new blogs to read. They satisfy my craving for information, inspire me and sometimes make me glad to be alive! My new favourite is Conversation Pieces which I stumbled upon following a link from A Domino Effect about an Aero tray bake (more on that and my vegan version next week hopefully).

Decluttering - the DVD and video cupboard in the corner of the front room got tackled on Easter Sunday and once again I am amazed at how much better a space looks when there is nothing excessive in it.

Other stuff - potato planting on Easter Sunday, vegan Easter eggs, choosing a burlesque name, early Christmas gift inspiration, Sudoku, Working through my sewing pile, The Walking Dead, green nail varnish

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Mimi said...

Did you try the soup?! I am hoping it is sold near where we work! xx