Monday, 30 April 2012

My weekend -the promise

A promise is a promise. So when my sister asked me years ago if I'd go to see NKOTB with her if hey ever reformed I gave my word right way. After all it was a kind of calculated risk. The chances of NKOTB reforming seemed highly unlikely. How was I to know it wouldn't happen just once but twice.


Which was how I found myself at the O2 watching NKOTB and the Back Street Boys (who I'd always thought were from the UK). To be honest I had a much better time than expected. My Mum came along too. So I got to enjoy family time and see how retirement was suiting my Dad (clearly good - he looked chilled and arty). I enjoyed Thai food, some red wine and tried to look on the show as some kind of musical. Plus I had the amusement of popping to the toilets midway through the show to find them deserted apart from two blokes trying to get a plunger to work.

Happy girl
My sister was clearly really happy (particularly when Danny came into the audience near us).

Sunday morning was an opportunity for more family time with my niece. She was sleepy and grumpy to start with (must run in the family) but a little nap later and she was her usual cheeky, chirpy self.

A drive home in torrential rain later an it was the perfect day to spend in pyjamas with my sewing machine.

Weekend antics *cauliflower and lentil soup *lots of burlesque practice * showing off my Rome photos *an early night *tofu scramble and potato waffles *plotting trips to Somerset

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