Thursday, 8 March 2012

Things I Love Thursday - mystery parcels and packets of hope

Knitted scarf and gloves

I'm not certain I'd include brown paper packages tied up with string in a list of my favourite things. Probably because the possibility of receiving them seems so slight. Grey plastic packages another matter and I was thrilled to arrive home and find one waiting for me on Wednesday night. Even more exciting were the contents. My mum have knitted me a scarf and gauntlets in my favourite colours just because. I love these. They look great, are so warm and will make thing of my mum everytime I wear them.

Packets of hope! Spring is on way! I popped out to look at seeds and couldn't resist buying loads. I'm so excited about planting them and thinking about the amazing produce.

Other stuff *hot water bottles *sunny days *excuses to buy a green top hat *embracing unpredictability *letting go


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