Monday, 19 March 2012

My weekend - and more

Gnome at Vx
I lead a very full life. In other words I'm a busy person. In an average week I need to fit in two nights of band practice, a night at Burlesque class, an allotment session, a five mile walk, Bass practice, Codecademy and dinner and sleeping are kind of fun.

Once a month I like to make my more difficult by adding London Vegan Drinks into the mix! And since I was going to London I decided it was about time I visited Vx. Wow talk about junk food heaven! I indulged in a hot dog, ice cream and a slice of cake AND took a bag of goodies away. Then I headed to LVD for vegan chatter (favourite tv shows, why everyone famous lives in Clapham and how listening to audiobooks improves verbal communication) and a plate of good as ever Tibits food.

The rest of my weekend didn't slow down much!

Weekend antics -*lunch with parents with lots of tea *getting to grips with zips, linings and my sewing machine *a mini wardrobe clear out *digging in the fresh air *a hilarious and liberating Burlesque workshop *my first attempt at no bake peanut butter balls *finally solving a Codecademy exercise that has perplexed me for days * the parking gods smiling on me *finally starting to watch The Walking Dead -awesome!

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