Monday, 3 June 2013

What's in my lunchbox? Cybher

So rule number 2 for being a vegan is probably take lunch with you. What form that takes is up to you. Indulge yourself. It's your lunch.

So this the lunch I took to Cybher with me.

The sandwiches contain 'egg' salad based on the recipe from How it all vegan and the tofu used for this was made by my own hands. I don't think I've ever actually eaten egg salad in the American/Canadian sense so I've no idea how close this is the original. However what I can say is that it was a very tasty indeed. I do love pickles. I toasted the bread lightly first to stop it getting too soggy and threw in some sun dried tomatoes.

Like many conferences vegan options were thin on the ground. There were lots of biscuits and cakes that I just wasn't going to be eating but who cares when you have an apple crunch Nakd bar and some pineapple?

Likewise the mini burger and chips plate wasn't up my street but happily someone got me a bowl of beetroot salad minus the goats cheese at lunch time.

Moral of this story – it always pays to ask but pack your own lunch anyway, and don't forget snacks. And what was Cybher like apart from the food? – that is a story for another day. In fact its very likely a tale for tomorrow.

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