Friday, 7 June 2013

Leftover inspiration - vegan risotto balls

Bowl with rocket salad and risotto balls

I really do love leftovers. They induce in me a state of creativity. So I present here my first attempt at risotto balls. I used leftover Vegan with a vegance mushroom and sundried tomato risotto. I filled them with pieces of Field Roast chorizo style sausage that I picked up at Vx. I rolled them in breadcrumbs I'd stashed in the freezer. I fried them in sunflower oil. I served them on the last of the rocket I picked at my allotment last week.

They took slightly longer to fry than I expected so next time they might be a tad smaller - more walnut than golf ball. On the whole though I'm delighted that risotto can actually be made even better than it already it.

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